Power Rangers Megaforce Dx Gosei Morpher

power rangers megaforce deluxe gosei morpher boxGo Go Power Rangers with the new Power Rangers Megaforce Dx Gosei Morpher from Bandai.  If you have a Power Ranger fan then this would make a great addition to their collection.

With the Deluxe Gosei Morpher your child can be one of the Power Rangers Megaforce just like in their favourite show. It includes:

  • 5 show accurate cards
  • 5 legendary cards
  • light and sound features
  • age recommendation 4 – 10 years

Suitable for age 4 and over any fan will love listening to the unique phrases from the show which are contained in the cards provided. The Gosei Morpher set contains 10 cards, each of which include 1 unique phrase from the Power Rangers show and as all fans already know they can be used to call the Rangers’ Zords into battle.

We asked John from the office, who really is just a big kid at heart, to try this out for us. As he remembered the show from when it was first aired on TV (and he was in his 30’s then!) he was more than willing to help.

As he relived his childhood running through our offices shouting ‘Go Go Power Rangers” with the multicoloured DX Gosei Morpher clutched tightly in his hand you’d be amazed that someone of his years could be so sprightly, he loaded one of the ten Power Ranger cards into the morpher which activated one of their unique sayings, and then he was off again and with a new phrase to call out. power rangers megaforce deluxe gosei morpher banner

Prising it from his hands was no mean trick but he eventually gave it up and told us how much fun he’d had and that he was pretty sure kids over 4 would love it. One thing he did ask about was the availability of extra cards, we could reasure him that, yes, extra cards were available to purchase seperately and should cost around £4 for 5.

You may well be wondering what on earth is a Gosei? He is the supernatural being who protected the earth for centuries with Tensou, his robotic assistant. When the evil Warstar aliens began their massive invasion, it was Gosei who called up the 5 teenagers who formed The Power Rangers Megaforce!

Your child will have loads of fun as they harness the battery operated ( 2 x AAA batteries are included) light up action of the 9.5 cm tall Power Rangers Megaforce Deluxe Gosei Morpher.

Review Power Rangers Megaforce Dx Gosei Morpher

Do you already own the Gosei Morpher?  Then do get in touch below and tell us what your Power Ranger thinks of it.

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