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Power Rangers Megaforce Gosei Great Megazord

Bandai sent UnderTheChristmasTree it’s Power Rangers Megaforce Gosei Great Megazord which has proved to be a popular toy in our office and is simple for your kids to put together. We were kindly sent this to review.

Featuring 5 zords which combine into the Gosei Great Megazord!

  • Dragon, Shark, Snake, Tiger and Phoenix
  • Suitable for age 4 +
  • RRP £34.99

The Zord Head Connectors colours match their relative Zord position and are designed to roll across a flat surface. The Dragon Megazord is the biggest of all the Zords and he has an impressive wing span of around 13 inches and his wings can be positioned in a wide range of positions.

Once again we put Power Ranger fan John on the spot and asked him to combine all the Mechazords into the Gosei Great Megazord. After putting on his glasses and scratching his head he got down to work. Take into account that this is suitable for kids age 4 and over, not big kids 55 and over!

This should be a walk in the park for a man who can put together flat pack units, so we left him opening the box and removing all the zords – after stopping for a coffee break, it seemed no time at all before he came through to our office flaunting the completed Gosei Megazord to explain to us how he put it all together.

He said “I started by pushing the head and neck of the Dragon into the body and from their moved on to the snake zord, moving on to the others as soon as one Zord was in place,as with all the zord pieces they are well made and coloured to match their relevant position and each are simple to click/push into place.”

When completed the electonic Gosei Great Megazord measures 30 (h) x 23 (w) cm, Power Ranger fans will have loads of fun with this toy, it is also compatible with the Zordbuilder Collection giving even more playability.

Made from plastic, this multicoloured toy requires little construction and small children should be able to put it together and take it apart quite easily. Also included in the box are two collectible Power Cards which can be used in conjunction with the Power Rangers Megaforce Dx Gosei Morpher.

Reviews for the Power Rangers Megaforce Super Megazord Gosei

Does your Power Rangers fan already own this Megazord Megaforce Super Megazord Gosei, or is it already top of their Christmas wish list? Get in touch below with your review below.

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