Pregnant? Put Your Feet Up & Have A Glass Of Wine

You probably read the title of this post and thought we’d been slapped with the crazy stick but no, according to new research, a small glass of wine each day may do no harm to your unborn baby.

Almost seven thousand children aged ten years old were tested on their balance which is a key pre natal development indicator.  The results showed that drinking alcohol moderately (3-7 units per week) had no effect on the development of an unborn child. The tests were split tested between women who drank 1-2 units and women who drank 3-7 units, and concluded that there were no differences between the two – the children performed equally.

Despite the new findings, many women will still refuse to drink any alcohol during their pregnancy.  The controversy surrounding the issue is definitely something that will affect a woman’s decision to drink during pregnancy.

In the past, heart conditions and learning & behavioral issues have been linked to drinking alcohol during pregnancy. It’s a wonder some women are taking the risk.

Medical experts recommend not drinking during pregnancy as a precaution, but if you decide to drink during your pregnancy, the National Health Service recommend drinking 1-2 units per week.

“Although [balance] is only one measure of neurodevelopment, it should not be disregarded.  The debate on advice to women in pregnancy is an important one, and many people will argue that the ‘precautionary principle’ of advising no alcohol at all should hold.  However, while advice needs to be clear, we should also take note of evidence which points to the conclusion that small amounts of alcohol are not a significant risk.” said Dr James Nicholls, Research manager at Alcohol Research UK.

Where do you stand – Would you drink alcohol during pregnancy?  Have you ever had a few glasses of wine whilst being pregnant?  Comment using our comments box below.

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