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Printing Made Easy? It Is With Lantronix xPrintServer Cloud Print Edition

Want to print off your favourite holiday snaps, family photo’s and birthday pictures straight from your phone?  Well now you can with the Lantronix xPrintServer Cloud Print Edition! We were kindly sent this to review.

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UnderTheChristmasTree were kindly sent one of these printing devices, so we put Lantronix’s xPrintServer to the test to see if printing really was made easy.

To begin with we did the most logical thing – read the instructions, these were very easy to follow and according to the instructions the PrintServer would be up and running and ready to use in just a few simple steps.

On the front page it states what is included in the box:

1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x PrintServer
Power Supply With Regional Adapters
3′ Ethernet Cable
Mounting Bracket & Two Screws
Rubber Feet x 4

All of which we found underneath the xPrintServer.  Taking a look at the design of the xPrintServer, it is in a sleek black colour which has a matte finish. The device is very light and is small so it can sit anywhere and not look out of place and it is very light to pick up and hold.

We tested out the Desktop option so we placed the xPrintServer upside down, placed on the rubber feet and turn the device over so that it is resting on the rubber feet.  Then it was time to connect to our (very old)  Epson DX5000 Printer, connecting our printer cable to the Lantronix xPrintServer Cloud Print Edition and then connect the Ethernet cable which was included in the both from the Lantronix device to our Wireless Router.  After doing this  the device then began to flash for around 30 seconds and then pulsing slowly after that – it was now ready for printing.

At this point we had to install Bonjour Print Service which is an Apple applications. Installing this was easy, we browsed to Bonjour Print Services and downloaded and installed the program. Next we found the shortcut on our desktop for the Bonjour Printer Wizard and launched, followed the instructions and selected our printer by manufacturer and and set and then we were ready to print of our favourite pictures – to begin with we printed off our picture of the whole team wearing our festive Christmas jumpers, although we won’t share that picture just yet, we’ll save that for a certain Christmas Day in December!

There are other ways in which you can connect the Lantronix device to such as your Android smartphone or tablet.  Holly in the team took her Android smartphone and scanned the QR code which is found on the underside of the xPrintServer and logged in via the link to the Admin interface and following the instruction for installation and connect to our Google cloud account and followed the instructions, however if you are using your Android Smartphone or tablet you need to get the Google Cloud Print app which you can download from Google Play or using the QR code reader on your Android and scan the QR code found on the instructions manual.  You can also connect this device if you are using Mac, Windows XP and Windows 7.

Overall we thought the Lantronix xPrintServer Cloud Print Edition was the perfect way to print off our Xmas pictures and we loved the design of the device.

It was easy to set up and it is ideal that it’s suitable for lots of different devices and operating systems as we tried this on a very old Epson printer and it worked like a treat.

If you are heading to family or friends for Christmas you could easily take this along with you to print off pictures ASAP – especially when it’s of Mum burning the turkey…or not!

For more information and prices please visit: http://www.lantronix.com

Do you take lots of photos at Christmas?   Let us know what you think about it using the comments box below.

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