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Profit Before Protection?

Are some children’s homes putting profit before child protection?

Private companies now run ¾ of childrens homes in England and some of these homes are making huge profits.

Costing around £1 billion per year to care for around 5,000 young people is not cheap

Charles Sharpe, who has spent 40 years working in the care sector says that “Child care for me is something that should never be done with a profit motive”

However, it would appear that child care in England can prove very lucrative indeed.

Children’s homes can charge up to £250,000 per year, per child – depending on the degree of support a child needs.

MP Ann Coffey, head of the parliamentary group on missing children says that

“Homes are advertising very aggressively for children who are very damaged, who have histories of drug abuse, sexual abuse, alcohol abuse,”

She has been campaigning for many years about the poor quality of some children’s homes, and is concerned about the way some actively “recruit” the most troubled children – possibly because they earn the highest fees.

This week the government announced that there will be a far reaching review of the whole children’s home sector – including the involvement of private equity firms.

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