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Protect Your Room With T-Rex Projector And Room Guard

Ever wanted your very own T-Rex? How about a T-Rex that not only projects lots of pictures of other dinosaurs but also guards your room!

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UnderTheChristmasTree were kindly sent this T-Rex Projector & Room Guard, here’s what we though of this toy.

Taking a look at the T-Rex it does look very realistic and you can see it’s been designed to a high quality – excellent for little hands.

Light to lift and requiring 3 x AA batteries to work (which were easy to pop in) we wanted to test out the projector first.   Placing the slides in was simple – we lifted the cover on the back of the dinosaur and slotted in one of the slides and projected it onto the wall.

Instantly we were shown eighteen different dinosaur species including a Stegosaurus, Diplodocus (our fav!), Triceratops and lots more.  Guessing the type of dino from over 24 images was a bundle of laughs – pronouncing each name correctly was pretty tricky.

You get three discs with eight different images for you to browse through and to make it a little trickier to guess you can move the arm on the T-Rex to make the picture less of more clear.

Hidden at the back of the interactive dino, there is a handy storage area for you to keep the slides safe – no more losing them down the sofa!

As you would have guessed the next feature we were desperate to try was turning our T-Rex into a roaring room guard.  As Holly from our team left the office, we selected the guard feature,  placed “Rexy” – (our nickname for the toy), near the door and hid away –  mean – we know! but we wanted to see the T-Rex in action.  When she came back, T-Rex had picked up the motion and gave out one of five mighty roars giving Holly a big fright…there were quite  a few laughs in the office about this.

A cool room decoration which kids can put up is also included and children can even go online and using the secret code they can unlock bonus dinosaur facts.

This Brainstorm Toy is suitable for ages 3 years and up and overall we thought this would be a fun gift at Christmas. Not only is it lots of fun but also educational as your child will learn as they play.

You can buy this T-Rex Projector and Room Guard at Argos

Would you buy your child one of these T-Rex Projector & Room Guard Toys? Comment below and let us know.

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