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Protect Your Skin From Winter Sun With Red Wine

How many times have you heard that ‘red wine is good for you’? Not the first thing that springs to mind when you’ve had a glass or two of Merlot too many. We were kindly sent these to review.

However, the key ingredient in your favourite red wine can make your skin look rejuvenated.  Resveratrol is an antioxidant that can be found in red grapes and when applied it can help improve our skin.

dhc reservatrol

Fortunately we don’t have to spend every evening with bunches of red grapes squashed on our faces or having to force feed ourselves with copious amounts of red wine (would that really be such a trial?) as DHC, a cult Japanese skincare brand has developed a range of products which contain this wondrous rejuvenating ingredient.

Non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skins their 3 products give us a great way to help protect our skin from winter sun. DHC’s Resveratrol range contains a hydrating toner, super-booster and rich moisturiser. Packed full of protective and antioxidant properties which can help improve your skin’s elasticity.


This is what DHC had to say about their new Resveratrol products:

Resveratrol Lotion is an ultra-hydrating toner which makes skin smoother and more resilient. The powerful properties of resveratrol, combined with cereal extracts, help to boost skins natural moisture barrier and protect against environmental damage. The light, water-like texture allows for rapid absorption into the skin and prepare it for booster and moisturiser.

Resveratrol Essence is a deeply hydrating super booster which reduces the appearance of fine lines for a smoother skin.  Simply pat the serum into cleansed and toned skin prior to moisture.

Resveratrol Cream is an intensive, age-defying moisturiser with a thick, luxurious texture.  As well as providing total hydration for a more ‘plumped’ looking skin, the cream boosts the skins natural moisture barrier.”

Priced at around £43.00 each DHC’s Resveratrol range will be launched in the UK on 6th July.

What better way to protect your skin when winter comes around and do you really need any more excuses for that extra glass of red wine?

Will you use the Resveratrol range as part of your winter daily skincare routine?  Share your thoughts below.

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