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Put Your Hands Up! Playmobil Defend New Playset

A controversial new playset is set to be released by toy giants, Playmobil. The ‘Bank and Safe’ playset features characters acting as bank robbers with guns as part of a bank robbery.

Certain media outlets, such as newspapers and websites, are opposed to the concept of the playset claiming it sends out the wrong message to children.

“We have been producing police play sets for 35 years and a large number of customers buy pieces when the police theme is available in the range.  One thing our customer feedback tells us is that it is important that children can be taught, through play, the importance of recognising good from evil and ‘baddies’ from ‘goodies’.

“Our ‘cops’ and ‘robbers’, in the guise of policemen, police cars, criminals and jails, enable these scenarios to be created.

“We fully support creating a safe environment for all children and would hope that in their own small way our sets deliver this in a secure, but believable, way.” said Jamie Dickinson, Playmobil marketing manager.

Will you be allowing your children to play with this controversial playset?

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