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Rastamouse is the popular animated stop-motion TV show which is aimed at kids under the ages of 6 years old and is aired on CBeebies. Due to its popularity, it was announced that rastamouse toys would be released for 2011.

This kids TV show features Rastamouse, Scratchy and Zoomer who are crime-fighting special agents who solve all sort of mysteries, have adventures and also play in a reggae band. Rastamouse wears a traditional Rasta tam (a woolly hat), has dreadlocks and uses a skateboard. Scratchy is dressed in a 1950s style balloon skirt and has a pretty ribbon bow on her head. Zoomer is the contemporarily-styled male who always wears roller blades.

The show also has other regular characters which include: President Wensley Dale who always calls rastamouse on a small radio to help solve a prolme, Bandulu the Cook who always has a large bite out of his ear and of course Bagga-T who is the hip-hop styled mouse who runs the orphanage. Fans of the hit Rastamouse show can now have their very own toys at home.

These new Rastamouse toys are set be to on every kids christmas list this year and are expected to sell out extremely fast.

Rastamouse Plush

Rastamouse is the leader of “Da Easy Crew” and always find a positive in a bad situation.

He’s excellent at solving mysteries and always comes with a plan to catch the bad guy.

Scratchy Plush

Scratchy is a very talented and independent mouse but is very girl at the same time. When she’s not fighting crime she’s playing bass in the band.

Scratchy is also very girly and loves to have a good chat and even go shopping!

Zoomer Plush

Zoomer is everybody’s favourite skate-boarding crime fighting agent.

zoomer plays the bongos for “Da Easy Crew” and he is always on the move. He’s one cool and hip mouse!

Wensley Dale Plush

Own your own wensley dale plush – the president of mouseland.

Wensley Dale is the president of mouseland and he know’ exactly who to call when there is some trouble and he is always on hand when anyone wants to ask question!

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