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Recycling Christmas Stuff

Here are a few ways to recycling all of your Christmas stuff you have collected over the festive period.

Christmas Tree

If you have an artificial why not one keep it and recycle it each year. Unfortunately the downside of artificial trees is that they are not bio-degradable and if burnt emit noxious gases.  But by recycling your tree each year you’ll be helping to off-set its non-‘green’  credentials in a small way.

If you have bough a real Christmas tree make sure you recycle it – most councils offer a recycling service where they will collect your tree and then chip it.  You can see if your local authority offers this services by contacting them directly here: https://www.gov.uk/find-your-local-council

If you have bought a tree with roots you can re-plant it in your garden or keep in a pot to re-use next year.

Jiffy Bags, Envelopes And Wrapping Paper

Jiffy bags and envelopes can be re-used, they are always great to have and you can just put a new label over the old label.
If you have any wrapping paper which is still in good condition, keep it and re-use it the next time you need it!

Christmas Cards

Don’t throw away the Christmas cards – recycle them! Head on over to Tesco’s store and put them into the card and paper banks.

Keep an eye out for Christmas card recycling schemes such as the Woodland Trust, and find collection bins at many high-street retailers.

Unwanted Presents

If there is a Christmas present that you don’t want or you may have been given the same present twice why not donate them to Charity and they will go to a good home and raise money for the charity too.


Why not give it to someone else as a gift! Re-wrap the present but make sure you don’t give it to the person who gave it to you in the first place.

What are your recycling ideas for Christmas stuff that you have collected over the festive period? Comment below and let us know.

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