Remember Remember The 5th Of November!

Today is officially the fifth of November, which can mean only one thing – It’s officially 7 weeks until Christmas Eve! Well, maybe it can only mean two things, because today is Bonfire night!

We won’t bore you with the story of Guy Fawkes but we will share a few ‘stay safe and have fun’ tips for using Fireworks!

1 – Keep your pets indoors!

Each year we hear horror stories in the press about animals who have been injured or worse, killed, by Fireworks. Keep your pet safe by keeping them indoors for the night.  On top of that, many dogs are frightened of the noise of Fireworks, so ensure you give turn the radio or the television on in the house to keep your pup calm.

2 – Ear muffs are essential!

Young children in particular might love to see the fireworks displays but the noise of Fireworks can often induce tantrums and frightened children so be prepared by warning your child that there will be a loud bang and if all else fails, have them wear some ear muffs to drown out the noise.

3 – Stand back

Always stand back from Fireworks when they are being lit as they can backfire and can potentially be dangerous. However, if you stand back from them you can enjoy the display without being at risk.

4 – Alcohol & Fire do not mix

If you’re in charge of lighting fireworks or keeping the bonfire alight, ensure not to be drinking alcohol near the area as alcohol is highly flammable.


5 – Have a Fire Extinguisher at hand

If you have a fire extinguisher, we would thoroughly recommend keeping it near by so that if the bonfire goes awry, it can be controlled easily.

6 – Keep bonfire’s in open spaces

Lastly, bonfire’s are great fun, but ensure you have yours in an open space. Bonfire’s in a wooded area or near bushes/tree’s is a bad idea.

Aside from all of that, we are certain you will have a brilliant night and with these simple steps, will be safe and happy.

If you’re not attending any Fireworks events, then why not pour a sherry & eat Mince Pies? With only 7 weeks left until Christmas Eve, now is definitely a good time to get into the Christmas Spirit!

Let us know in the comments below how you are spending this Bonfire Night.

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