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Revell Control Micro Quadrocopter Nano Quad Pro

We were recently sent a few of the new Revell Control products to try out and thought we would share our thoughts on the Micro Quadrocopter Nano Quad Pro.

Suitable for ages 14+, the remote control helicopter can easily fit into the palm of your hand making this the smallest remote controlled helicopter we have ever seen. The design we have is in a bright Santa Claus red, however there is also an option to get the black or white versions.

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So what exactly can this nifty little thing do?

For such a small gadget, it packs a big punch as this has several different abilities. The Nano Quad Pro is equipped with three different speed settings which you can control by using the remote control provided. It also has a looping function meaning the quadrocopter can perform air acrobatics as it loops through the sky, unlike the Nano Quad which cannot do this.  Using the control provided, your new helicopter can maneuver forwards, backwards, left, right, upward, downwards and even sideways.

You can even fly your helicopter in low lighting as this has bright LED lights to ensure you can see it even on a dark winter’s night and has a range of approx 50 metres.

You’ll be relieved to know that this has a rechargeable battery that can be charged by connecting the provided USB to your computer meaning you can use this as often as you like without having to take out shares in Duracell.

In terms of ease of use, the micro Quadrocopter is definitely beginner friendly and is quite simple to use. The helicopter is so small (measuring in at just 1.75 inches) that you can fly this indoors without breaking all of your new Christmas decorations – (Mum & home friendly? bonus!)

As for flying outdoors;  we would recommend not flying outdoors on windy days as this is likely to end up at the north pole.  It weighs in at just 11.4 grams and so is better to be used on still days.

This nifty little device really does punch above it’s weight and is likely to be a firm favourite on Christmas morning.

There are two versions of the Revell Control Micro Quadrocopter – Nano Quad which can’t perform loops like the Pro version(£29.99) and Nano Quad Pro (£39.99) – The one we have reviewed!

Revell Control models are available from www.amazon.co.uk and all good toy and model retailers. For details visit www.revell.de/en

What do you think of the Micro Quadrocopter?  Share your comments below!

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