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Royal Mail to launch 2012 Christmas scheme for people on low incomes

Launching on the 6th of November 2012, Royal Mail are to launch a Christmas Scheme for low income people to pay 2011 stamp prices.

If you are one of the many who are on low incomes including, pension credit and employment and support allowance (or incapacity benefit) you will be eligible to participate in the scheme where Royal Mail will charge 2011 stamp prices right up until the last posting dates before Christmas.

A total of 36 1st or 2nd Class Stamps in one purchase at 2011 prices – 46p for 1st Class and 36p for 2nd Class.

If you are eligible you will need to provide evidence that they are in receipt of benefits, (eg, the Annual Uprating letter or the Award Notice letter from the DWP). Stamps will be available for purchase from any of the 11,801 Post Office branches. Royal Mail will write to every UK household later in the year explaining the scheme and how it works.

Find out more here: Royal Mail Christmas Scheme

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