Royal Twins Dilemma

As rumours abound about the Royal Baby (babies?) due sometime in July, we wondered how the third and fourth in line to the throne will be decided if Kate and Will are indeed expecting twins.

So will Kate make history and be the first mother of a future monarch to give birth to twins in Britain since the 15th century?

It would be lovely to think so.

Should Kate deliver twins, the first born would be 3rd in line to the throne and its brother or sister would be 4th, pushing Harry further down the royal line to 5th.

Allow me to throw a spanner in the works and ask this –

‘If Kate has to have a caesarean section will it be the doctor who decides which twin will be heir to the throne, as he will be the one who determines which baby is born first?’

The task of choosing the first royal baby would fall on the shoulders of royal gynecologist Alan Farthing who has held the post since 2008.

It would be very unlikely that Mr Farthing would want to take on that responsibility, but who would choose?

Will William, like most modern fathers, be present at the birth? If so then the responsibility to choose would fall to him.

Let’s hope that the royals don’t have to go back to the odd practice where a government minister had to be present to ensure everything was above board.

Who do you think should make the decision if Kate does have twins?  Get in touch below with your thoughts.

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