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Sainbury’s Christmas Advert To Feature WW1 Truce Football Match

Sainbury’s 2014 Christmas campaign is set to focus on the football match which took place between the British and German forces on 24 and 25 December 1914, this will mark the event’s 100-year anniversary, according to MarketingMagazine.

The retailer’s campaign will focus on the WW1 ‘Christmas Day truce’ according to senior sources. Although Sainbury’s would not comment on the content of their Christmas advert, they did confirm that the campaign had been developed in partnership with the Royal British Legion, which it has had a 20-year relationship.

The advert will not be unveiled until after Armistice Day in November.

A spokeswoman for the brand said: “Our 2014 Christmas campaign has been created in partnership with The Royal British Legion as the latest expression of a 20 year relationship with them.

“As is our tradition, our full campaign will revealed in November after Armistice Day and the conclusion of the annual Poppy Day Campaign.”

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