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Sainsbury’s Release Prosecco Panettone And Double Chocolate Brownie Fudge and Chocolate Chip Cheese For Christmas 2015

This Christmas you’ll be able to taste the difference with Sainsbury’s festive menu which includes a Prosecco Panettone and a sumptuous chocolate brownie fudge and chocolate chip Wensleydale cheese.

You’ve probably only just started to wear vest and shorts however this week kick starts some of the biggest press days for Christmas.  Already Marks and Spencer, Waitrose and John Lewis have showcased what will be on their festive menu and now Sainsbury’s are ready to jingle all the way to your belly.

Move over boring dried fruit Panettone as Sainsbury’s introduce you to a prosecco infused version and if that wasn’t enough, two new Wensleydale cheeses will grace your board, one with double chocolate fudge and chocolate chips the other an Irish Cream with vanilla fudge – will this be your new controversial ingredient?

Different types of meats, bread, chocolates and sweets were also on show and to set little hearts alight a 3D Penguin cake which would be the perfect cake for kids Xmas parties and mallow snowmen.

Even though the main event was of course food, Sainsbury’s also displayed Christmas wrap, clothes and gifts which included (of course) very bright Christmas jumpers.

However, with all of this said and done…..we just want the cheese and Panettone!!

What do you think of Sainsbury’s new Christmas cheeses and Panettone?  Share your thoughts and comments below.

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