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Sanrio’s Hello Kitty Pynkiss Hits Huge Success!

Hello Kitty has become a huge brand, with it raking in a billion dollars per year.

Since the launch of Hello Kitty in the 70’s, her success has grown at a phenomenal rate. Now, she has moved into the world of high end fashion with Pynkiss – A Milan based fashion label. Because of this, the brand has been nominated for countless awards.

Launching at Milan Fashion Week 2011, Pynkiss now have several stores over Asia and the middle East. The stores shelves have been stripped bare, and now more stores are set to open throughout Asia, Europe and the US.

Roberto Lanzi EMEA President of Sanrio says, “A brand that can strike a chord across so many differing cultures in its first year of trading, shows that innovative consumer experiences like ‘shoppertainment’ are where the global retail sector must head. The consumer wants and expects more than simply browsing and they wish to be engaged with in unique and personal ways.  That is just what Pynkiss offers for consumers. Not only do the statistics back this up but a nomination for a ‘shopper connection’ award within the first year of trading, alongside such well respected brands as Blackberry and LG, is further iteration that this strategy works.  This endorsement is beyond our most optimistic predictions for Pynkiss and to say we are delighted is an understatement!”

Founder and CEO, Chady Jriege said the following at the launch of Pynkiss’ huge Facebook online birthday event. “The impressive annual sales of 2011-12 has led to rapid expansion in the behind the scenes operation to facilitate further growth, with both distribution and production having to drastically intensify output by as much as 50%.

The design studio and showroom has a new space at Via Morimondo, in the prestigious Milan fashion district as eager stockists and buyers seek to stock the brand or negotiate store franchise options. Pynkiss is fast becoming the must-have brand for babies, kids, teens and adults alike.”

Congratulations Pynkiss!

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