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Santa Beats The Bulge!

January is the month where we make resolutions to get fit and loose the extra pounds we gained over the festive season. Judging by a video posted by the Telegraph, Santa Claus is doing the same as us!

A man was video’d exercising in a Santa suit in London at the beginning of January and shows the man demonstrating excellent football skills using a gym ball.

Whilst we were getting our hopes up that Santa was in fact just trying to beat the bulge after over indulging in all those Mice Pies over Christmas, our luck was out as it turns out the man in the video is actually Guinness World Record-winning freestyle footballer Daniel Cutting.

Mr Cutting is the holder of five different records for freestyle football and regularly performs at events.

Either way, the sight of Santa at the gym was one to behold and we couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

We had your hopes up there for a little bit didn’t we?

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