Save the Children launches poverty campaign in Britain

The first time in 93 years Save the Children launches it’s first poverty campaign in Britain.

The charity, which traditionally focuses on Africa, Asia and South America, is to help raise money for families in Britain after claims that young children are going hungry as they are being hit the hardest from the Government’s austerity drive during the recession.

Children are missing out on hot meals, warm clothes or shoes and are struggling to take part on school activities, and its not just the kids who are suffering but some mothers and fathers are also going hungry as they try to make sure there is enough for their little ones.

Save the Children which was founded in 1919 is aiming to raise £500,000 as they fear poverty in Britain are “tearing families apart”, and have stated that over 1.6 million of children are growing up in poverty and these figures are due to rise.

Justin Forsyth, the charity’s chief executive, said the Government must do more to help protect the “poorest and most disadvantaged from further cuts”.

He also goes onto say: “No child should see their parent going hungry or start the new term without a warm coat and with holes in their shoes, Poverty is tearing families apart, with parents buckling under the pressure of mounting bills and children seeing their parents argue more about money”.

“That’s why for the first time in our history we are launching a UK appeal. We need to help poor families survive the recession.”

The well supported charity which works in 120 countries, has led other campaigns in Britain before including free school dinners for poor pupils. This is the first time it has launched a major standalone fundraising campaign to aid British kids.

The charity claims, one in eight children go without at least one hot meal a day. One in seven go without a warm winter coat and new shoes.

This survey was based of 1,500 children and 5,000 parents, it also found that one in 10 parents have cut back on food for themselves so they can feed their children and almost a quarter say they now snap at children because of money problems.

The charity said: “Our work here in Britain is making a difference. We desperately want to expand it so we can help more children.”

You can donate to the Save the Children charity here: Save the Children

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  1. Elaine
    September 5, 2012 / 11:56 am

    Families are definatley finding it difficult, particulary because there are fewer jobs around and money is tight. I try and make cost effective meals such as soup, i make enough soup to do two nights of dinners and it doesn’s cost to much to make.

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