Scatter Brainz Brain Bazooka Launcher

A contemporary take on the classic game of darts, the Scatter Brainz Brain Bazooka features:

  • Rotating launcher chamber
  • 2 Brainz Darts included
  • Practice target included
  • Suitable for age 5+
  • available from Amazon

Load, Aim and Fire the ScatterBrainz Brain Bazooka Launcher from Jakks Pacific. Kidss aged 5 and over will love firing the exclusive collector darts with the bazooka launcher.

Load the five dart barrel; aim at your target and fire.  The deranged darts willstick to almost any surface and travels in a straight line reaching a distance of up to 15 feet.

Scatter Brainz  characters from Jakks Pacific have sticky brains and when you aim and fire your bazooka the darts stick to the target making this a fun, safe  game.

The darts have a soft, gummy, exposed brain and come covered with a cap which when entered into the barrel the safety load pops the caps off to ensure that they are not fired with the hard caps on.

Inside the box there is a collector’s poster and a target so that you can practice your aim.

Visit the ScatterBrainz website where you can download and print off other posters & dartboards. The Poster features all the ScatterBrainz characters that are available to collect – print it off and use it to decide which of the characters you want to collect next.

At present there are 64 seriously deranged darts available to collect with the promise of more to come!

Ideal  pocket money toys these are great for swopping with school friends making Brainz the coolest thing in the playground.

The 2 deranged darts that come with the Bazooka Launcher are Blaine Migraine and Gnarly Brown.

Blaine  likes Gridiron, tackle dummies and bananas. He dislikes compact cars, ballet and salads. Blaine’s hobbies include pumping iron, winning and designing cakes. Being hit by Blaine has been described as being hit by a concrete truck filled with dumbbells and when his target spots him they run the other way.

Gnarly likes the ocean, sand and snow cones, he dislikes winter, red tide and sharks. His favourite pastimes are surfing, tanning and looking in the mirror.

Gnarly Brown has a gnarly tan, gnarly attitude and gnarly skills. This gnarly guy uses dolphins as surfboards and when’s he’s not surfing he’s usually admiring his blonde hair.

Suitable for ages 5 and over the Scatter Brainz Launcher holds up to five darts at any time – 2 exclusive collectors’ darts are included and further darts can be purchased separately.

Accurately hit your target with the sticky darts (will work with any Scatter Brainz collectible dart) with accuracy and speed.

What’s inside the Scatter Brainz Bazooka box?

  • ScatterBrainZ Brain Bazooka
  • 2 deranged exclusive collector darts
  • target
  • collectors poster

Specifications for Brain Bazooka Launcher

  • Item Weight: 621 g
  • Manufacturers recommended age 5 – 8 yrs
  • Colour – green
  • Batteries – not required

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