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Schools not Soldiers

Leading poverty charity, Oxfam, have today urged Prime Minister David Cameron not to divert cash from the aid budget to help security forces in unstable countries.

Oxfam’s head of policy, Max Lawson said that there should be enough money for both aid and peace-keeping forces. However, if cash is limited people expect money put aside to help the world’s poorest to be spent on “schools, not soldiers”

He told BBC Radio Four’s Today programme “Security is very important but that is clearly a military expenditure, not an aid expenditure,”

Although the aid budget is set aside and cannot be spent on anything else (ring-fenced) David Cameron has signaled that hundreds of millions of pounds could be diverted from the Dept for International Development to reduce the effect of defence cuts on the Armed Forces.

It is thought that the Prime Minister will win support for his plan from Conservative backbenchers who have raised concerns over Britain’s rising aid budget at a time of austerity

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