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Skribbies Draw-Wipe-Draw

We were delighted when we were sent a pair of Skribbies to put through their paces to review.

If you’ve never heard of Skribbies you soon will, as kids everywhere will be talking about these amazing trainers. What’s so different about these, surely they’re just another pair of hi tops, I can hear you ask?

Firstly let me ask you a question ‘how would you feel if I gave your child some pens and told them to draw all over their new trainers?’ I can imagine your reply, you’d think I was nuts – right? If these were a pair of regular pair of hi-tops you’d probably be right- but not with Skribbies.

Designed in the UK and available to buy online, Skribbies are amazingly comfortable, customisable trainers, that let your child’s creativity come shining through and when they’ve finished their design they can rub it out using the skribbies wristband which comes with them

Every shoe box comes fully equipped with everything you need to customise your shoes: Pack of 6 pens, (purple,black,green,yellow,blue,pink) Blue Monster Wristband, Pack of Skribbies Monster stickers

Using any (or all) of the six pens supplied they can start to customise their shoes and finish their design using any of the amazing monster stickers that come in the shoebox. Imagine, a new pair of designer hi-tops of their choice everyday.

Release your child’s creative side and let them show it to the world (okay – school)  Who knows you may have the next Stella McCartney or Alexander McQueen in your midst.

Would you buy your child a pair of Skribbies? Comment below and let us know.

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