Seagate Central Shared Storage

Seagate is a brand which is renowned for releasing technology driven storage devices, and now they have released the Seagate Central Shared Storage device.  Features include;-

  • Centralize all your media and documents
  • Stream content to connected devices
  • 4TB Memory
  • Available from Amazon

As we mentioned above, seagate are renowned for releasing technology driven storage devices. The Seagate Central Shared Storage Device is one of a kind and is definitely the perfect storage solution for any home or office.

You can backup entire hard drives in an instant with this device. Boasting a massive 4TB of memory, you could store as much as 2000 HD movies! Wave a fond farewell to the already overflowing DVD unit!

As well as boasting a huge storage capacity, the Seagate Central Shared Storage hub is ideal for streaming to your connected devices. You can stream to your television, games console, tablet, laptop and even your mobile phone and in an instant, could be accessing all of your backed-up content.

You can also download the free apps for the seagate device so you can stream to your mobile phone instantly.

On top of all this, you can also access your files via a web browser!

Using this is simple. You will need a router with an Ethernet port (which all internet home hubs have) and simply connect the connectors. You will then be able to stream to any of your connected devices.

We recently did a video demonstration of this on our popular YouTube Channel, you can watch this below;-

What’s In The Box?

Included in the box are;-

  • Power Supply
  • Ethernet Connection
  • Seagate Central Shared Storage device

Features of the Seagate Central Shared Storage Device

  • 4TB of Memory
  • Streams to connected devices including televisions, games consoles & Tablets
  • free apps to download to enable mobile phone streaming
  • Access via web browser function

Reviews for Seagate Central Shared Storage

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