Sesame Street Tickle Time Elmo

Everyone’s favourite tv show Sesame Street is back with a brand new toy for Christmas! Sesame Street Tickle Time Elmo is giggling mad, and loves nothing more than to be tickled! This toy has many features, some of which include;-

  • The more he is tickled, the more he laughs!
  • Says Silly Phrases
  • Shakes & makes laughing sounds
  • This is currently unavailable.

Elmo is our favourite Sesame Street character and he’s back to make us laugh, all while he laughs.

Created by Playskool, all you need to do is tickle Elmo and he will laugh and shake, the harder you tickle him, the harder he shakes. Elmo is full of cheer and what better time to have all that cheer than at Christmas time? As long as Tickle Time Elmo is around, children will be kept happy.

Elmo says several silly phrases and laughs whenever his tummy is tickled or someone pressed his feet – we all hate getting our feet tickled!

This red furry animal is soft to touch and is a bundle of fun. Although Elmo is actually getting quite old (did you know he is 42 years old?) he is just as young at heart as the rest of the children.

This game is suitable for toddlers ages 18 months+. The box is green and blue with the official Sesame Street logo at the top left hand corner of the box.

Sesame Street is a brand that is known worldwide and the Sesame Street Tickle Time Elmo is set to be a huge hit this Christmas 2012.

What’s In The Box?

  • Sesame Street Tickle Time Elmo
  • Batteries included.

Specifications For Sesame Street Tickle Time Elmo

  • Red Furry Tickle Time Elmo
  • Made By: Sesame Street
  • Based On: Sesame Street TV Show
  • Weighs: 757g
  • Suitable For Children Ages 18 Months+
  • Batteries Included

Reviews For Sesame Street Tickle Time Elmo

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