Sesame Street Toys

Grown up with Sesame Street? So have we! You will remember how much fun, colourful and exciting sesame street toys and characters were… well things haven’t changed. Always on the pulse of new and innovative products for toddlers toys, pre school toys and even toys for babies the new range of 2011 Toddlers Toys are going to be huge this xmas.

Designed for preschoolers and toddlers ages 18 months, age 1, age 2, age 3 and older the Sesame Street toys are interactive, larger than life and true to character. Designed for little hands you can guarantee these toys are fun and safe to play with.

Whether your rock n Rollin’ with let’s rock Elmo or crunching down on cookies with the famous Count ‘n’ Crunch Cookie Monster these top toddlers toys will be the perfect kids toys.

Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo

Do you want to Rock it out with Elmo? Now you can the new Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo is the newest toddlers toys to hit the 2011 UK Market.

Sing, Dance and play his instruments there’s nothing Elmo cant and wont do!

Sesame Street Count ‘n’ Crunch Cookie Monster

“Me Want Cookie!” Feed cookie Monster his delicious cookies and learn to count. Tickle his furry feet and listen to him laugh whilst squirming around! The new Sesame Street Count ‘n’ Crunch Cookie Monster is the new interactive toy from Hasbro and will have your little one learning to count while having loads of fun!

Sesame Street Squeeze a Song Elmo

Do you want to hear Elmo hum or even sing a louder song? with Sesame Street Squeeze a Song Elmo simply push his big fluffy red tummy and hear him hum softy, push a little harder and he will sing louder!


Sesame Street Squeeze a Song Cookie Monster

When Cookie Monster isn’t eating cookies he just loves to sing. Press his tummy and he’ll sing one of his favourite songs.

Kids aged 18 months and over will love singing along with Sesame Street Squeeze a Song Cookie Monster.

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