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Shark Mania Game from Spin Master

Avast Me hearties our pirate ship has run aground on treacherous Shark Island and our gold booty be overboard. Ye must get yourself to the safety o’ the island and collect as many gold doubloons as you can along the way. But don’t get caught by that shark nippin’ at yer heels. We were kindly sent this to review.

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You can buy Shark Mania game for £16.99 at  from Amazon UK.

Shiver me timbers this is a shark chomping race with no time to waste.  All Shark Mania pirates must obey the Pirate Code, they must move quickly and make it to the safety of the island, collecting as much gold as they can. Beware, me harties, for those pesky sharks will try to knock you off.

Kids (and adults) age 6 and over are going to love this fun game from Spin Master.  Firstly it’s super easy to put together, although it will take around 10-15 minutes to assemble, once assembled it’s a whopping 3ft long.  It’s best played  on a hard surface and playing on carpeting and rugs should be avoided.

Your pirate ship has run aground on treacherous Shark Island and all your booty has been dumped in the drink! Now it’s up to you to outrun the shark and grab as many dubloons as ye can without getting caught.

The winner will be the pirate who reaches the island first and has collected the most gold.  If no pirates make it to the safety of the island then, the Shark wins!

Suitable for 2 – 4 players Shark Mania is a shark-chomping race game with no time to waste.

As soon as the game gets started it a race to stay ahead of the chomping sharks who are chasing you. There’s no way back as the sharks have destroyed the dock behind you. You’ll need some quick thinking and fast moves to save your pirate from ending up in the drink or you’re out of the game.

You’ll be on the edge of your seat as you try to keep one step ahead of the sharks.  Each pirate must take their turn to roll the dice, but beware there’s no time to waver as this super fast game is a race against time and the approaching shark whose fin tears apart the pirates walk way.  If the shark catches you you’re out.

For a little extra fun and loads of extra laughs, don’t forget to talk like a pirate when you play Shark Mania

Can you outrun the shark and be the pirate with the most gold who safely makes it to land to become the winner?

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