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Shirley Bassey To Release Christmas Song?

Vocal powerhouse Dame Shirley Bassey is looking forward to the upcoming festive season after she announces her hopes to have a Christmas number one for the first time in her career.

The diva is teaming up with classical boyband “Blake” to record a festive song. Speaking of the upcoming release, the Welsh superstar said:

I would love to have a Christmas No1.

“Blake sang Moon River at my 70th birthday party, and then we met again at the reception of the charity Variety’s 70th anniversary six months ago.  Ollie mentioned singing a Christmas song together, and I said I’ve never done a Christmas song before.”

Also talking of the song, Blake released a statement saying:

“We listened to Dame Shirley’s most recent recordings, as well as her past albums, watched a lot of YouTube clips from dozens of live shows, then started to compile a short list of about five songs.  We felt sure that Dame Shirley could make a hit out of any of the songs on our list, so we sent it over and let her choose the one that she liked best – which was The Christmas Song.”

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Blake and Shirley Bassey are set to team up to sing “The Christmas Song” which is the infamous Nat King Cole Christmas classic that is played across the world over the festive season.

Will Shirley Bassey & Blake’s version overtake the success of the original version? we would love to hear your thoughts!

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