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Shop The Thrifty Way!

Shopping is inevitable, we all do it on a daily basis. Whether we spend on food and everyday things, gifts, clothing or events, we all shop! (myself included – perhaps more than i should…)

Learning to shop the thrifty way can both save money and encourage you to look outwith your normal shopping routines. Here are our tips to help you shop the thrifty way!

Gifts – You can find cheap and chic gifts online, or you can do what many bloggers are doing – DIY! You’d be surprised the things you can do with a piece of fabric, some felt, scissors, fabric glue, velcro, and needle n thread! You can make a simple clutch bag using these simple steps!

1 – Start by using glue to glue the fabric to the felt, making sure you leave the glue time to dry and trimming off the excess fabric where required. You can use fabric from a pillow case, faux leather, suede and all sorts of different textures.

2 – Once dry, fold the material into three (like a letter) and ensure you have equal sides, making the top side ever so slightly shorter than the others.

3 – Take your needle and thread, and make a knot at the end. Begin sewing the edges of the bottom two folds together in a cross pattern at the sides only, leaving an opening at the top, and the flap untouched.

4 – Once both sides have been sewn, glue a small amount of velcro to the underside of the bag, and one on the inside of the flap so that the bag fastens.

5 – Place a book or something heavy on the top of the bag for several hours to ensure the shape is moulded properly and voila! your DIY clutch bag is ideal for any night out or even as a thrifty birthday gift to someone!

Entertainment – Entertaining can be difficult and often expensive. Whether you’re entertaining children or your friends and family, there are ways to have fun without breaking the bank.  Here’s out ideas;-

Family picnic in the Park – Prepare a home made picnic and get down to your nearest park and enjoy the sunshine (we all know it won’t be here for long!). Preparing your own picnic saves money and also caters to different dietary requirements.

DVD Night with friends – Whether you’re 15 or 55, there’s nothing better than having your friends round for a giggle and a dvd. Get the blankets, popcorn and wine out and you’re good to go on your dvd night in with friends!

Eating out – whether you have one friend or ten, try arranging a ‘come dine with me’ where each person takes their turn to cook a meal every week or two weeks. This is fun for everyone involved, helps to experiment with new food and most importantly gives you a night away from the cooker without spending a dime!

Travelling – Travelling can sometimes be expensive, and if there are children, it can often be more stressful than fun. The new craze in the UK is called a ‘staycation’ where people make the most of the sights in the UK! You can visit historical castles, theme parks and even the beach in the UK, meaning no long journeys and even more importantly, less expenditure!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our guide to help you shop the thrifty way! if you have any thrifty tips, please leave us a comment below.

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