Show Off Your Pearly White… Hair!

White hair is hot right now and there is a new product available to use to make your greys, greyer, and white’s whiter.  Shiny hair is healthy, and White Hot Hair was designed with all of your pearly whites in mind. White Hot Hair which we were kindly sent to review:

– Brightens hair
– Smells gorgeous
– Makes you feel fabulous!

Both men and women across the globe have a love hate relationship with their hair.  Years of dying our hair and heat damage has made our hair look tired and in desperate need of a pickmeup.  White Hot Hair was designed to make the most of your grey or white hair, and we’ve put the product to the test!

The creators of White Hot Hair have put together a collection of six products, including:

  • Brilliant Shampoo
  • Glorious Shampoo
  • Luminous Conditioner
  • Intense Lustre Mask
  • Lifeshine Oil
  • Shooshing Creme

Like we mentioned above, we put the shampoo and conditioner to the test. Our guest reviewer Evelyn, aged 78 years old, has white curly hair and asked her hairdresser to use this instead of her usual shampoo and conditioner.

Evelyn said of the product:

“This smells lovely, i could really smell the shampoo as soon as it was applied. It smells fruity and i love how fresh and pampered it made me feel while i was having my hair washed. My hairdresser says this was really lathering in my hair and she enjoyed using it. When my hair was dried and styled as normal, i assessed how i felt the product had worked.  My hair felt soft and looked nice and shiny, but I felt this was short lived. The brightness of my hair faded within a day or so, i would say that the product would need to be used regularly to maintain the shine and brightness it gives when originally used. I would give this product a solid 8/10 rating. I would re-purchase this”.

The products don’t just work on white hair but blonde also so if your hair is feeling a little dry and in need of some love and care, pop some of this on and see the difference for yourself.

These new hair care products would be the perfect Christmas gift for your grandparents or for those who want their hair to be giving a fresh new glowing look.   Suitable for both men and women, the products range from £12-£14 and you can buy via or visit the official website which has a full list of recommendations for maintaining your beautiful colour.

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