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Simon Cowell And Bruce Forsyth To Team Up This Christmas

Simon Cowell has announced that he may ask Sir Bruce Forsyth to be a part of a one off Christmas special.

Cowell is in talks about becoming the executive producer of a one-off Christmas charity special for ITV.

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“We tried the whole X Factor Celebrity show one year and it was a shambles if I am on honest with you. It was just a nightmare,” he said, ”But I kind of think it would be an idea to try it again, maybe it would be a good idea for the Text Santa event.

“I think Britain’s Got Talent might be the main show so you could have Bruce dancing. We’d have to turn the volume up but then he might have a heart attack from the buzzer!” he joked.

“Seriously I like Bruce. I met him at a function a couple of years ago and he was fun and unashamed about the fact he was competitive.  I love that he is 80 odd years and really does care.”

“If we can get the Christmas show, I’d put Bruce through as our contestant” added Cowell.

One thing is for sure it would be a great event for Charity!

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