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Simple steps to getting your child to pack their Schoolbag

Easy steps to help get your kids to pack their own schoolbag.

You know how much of a rush it is in the morning when you are trying to get your children ready for heading to school.

One of the biggest parts of going back to school is having their school bag packed and ready for the day, so when you wake up to find bags are not packed, gym outfits are not ready and the toast is burning away nicely in the toaster this can add to a stressful day!

Whether your child/children are already back to school or like others are just getting ready to start school again we have put together a easy list on how to get your child to pack their school bag the night before.

Here are some easy and useful tips below:

1 – Set a specific time to pack their bag: You can choose when they should be packing their bags. Whether it be when Mum or Dad are in the kitchen trying to prepare the night’s dinner, right before they head to bed or even just as they come back from school making a set time to pack their bag will get them into a natural routine and will stop you from having to ask them to do it.

2 – Try and make it like a game: When your child/children arrive home get them to tell you all the good points about their day, when they are finished talking try and tell them to go and pack their backs for tomorrow so they have another great day. You could also give them an incentive for example:

‘If you pack your bag now, you can pick a movie’ or even have a treat such as piece of fruit, biscuit or even a week long incentive such as ‘if you pack your bag every day this week at the weekend you can have a friend over for dinner or pick your favourite sweetie’.

These are always a great way to get kids doing something for themselves and before you know it, this will just become part of their routine and they will stop looking for the reward.

How to get them to pack their bags

3 – Always start with a list: Teach your little ones (if they are old enough to write) how to make a list (if they are not old enough to write yet you may need to help) start by jotting down what they need for tomorrow, send them to their room and tell them to put a nice big tick next to each item they have put in their bag, when they think they have got them all to come back and show you the bag.

This is a fun way of making it feel more like a game than a task they have to do and as you are checking it over nothing will be missed.

If your child does forget something such as P.E kit ask a simple question like “tomorrow you will be playing sports what items will you need if your going to play sports?” Allow them to come up with the answer as this will help for the next time.

4 – Rewards and Incentives: As we mentioned before these can be brilliant way to help encourage your child/children to take on responsibilities – (even being small ones) to help parents. Incentives and rewards don’t always have to be base don getting them a toy, or biscuit you could reward them by picking out a book they would prefer to read, helping you out with the dinner or even just telling them if they can get it done now they can spend more time playing with their toys.

5 – Children should have a list on their wall of what events they have during the week to help them with packing their school bags, this will also help parents keep track of all their activities. When they need to pack for these days put stickers next to each one when they have done it.

6 – What should always be in the bag? Keep items that are always to be in the bag such as special notebooks, pencil case and other accessories in your bag meaning some of the work is already done.

These are just a few easy steps to help make child and parents day go without a glitch.

Do you have any other way you get your little ones to pack their bags?, Do your children pack their own bags? comment in our comments box below and let other parents know.

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