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Simple ways to save money on family days out

Bank holidays, summer holidays, Christmas holidays (the list could go on) you could go on a lot of days out costing a lot of money, however with some simple adjustments you can have fun family days out without having to break the bank.

Family days out don’t need to be about the latest theme park, big lunches or even a lot of traveling as most kids and parents are happy to visit local attractions and parks.

Here are a few of our simple tips to save money on family days out:

Be prepared

If you know a holiday is coming up and you want to take the family for a day away start looking and preparing now. Preparing where you want to go can and finding the quickest route can save money on petrol/diesel and a chorus of “are we there yet?”. Find out what attractions are open, how much they are and what day it may be less expensive to go on.

Look online for vouchers

There are so many different voucher code website’s out there so why not take 10 minutes to scour about for vouchers and discounts. You will be surprised at the amount of 2-for-1’s available, kids go free or even family package deals which you help you out.

Pre-book your transport

If you are going by bus or train take a look at the national rail and bus services and get your tickets booked up now, you’ll make savings by booking even the night before.

Visit historical/local places

Educational, exercise but most of all fun, visiting historical places will allow your child to run off most of their energy and even learn a thing or two about the place. Find out what is close to you as most charge a very small price or even better some are even free!

Take a picnic

Nothing beats sitting down with a picnic on a sunny day so instead of paying for over priced sandwiches and juice, make a picnic up the night before and keep the cost of the day down. Buying plastic flask’s would be perfect for filling with juice which could be reused every time you go away for the day. Buying supermarkets own branded food such as Asda Groceries can help to save some extra penny’s too.

Avoid the gift shop

Don’t be tempted to get drawn in as not only will you end up buying over priced memorabilia but it will be shoved into the back of the drawer not to be looked at again. If you do want to get yourself something stick to 99p keyring or even a sweetie for everyone as a treat on the way home.

Knowing where to look, when to go and how to get their can save your family extra money which can be saved up for a later date.

These are just a few of UnderTheChristmasTree money saving ideas when going on a family day out.

Do you have any suggestions or tips on saving money on family days out? share with us and others using our comments box below:

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