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Sing to Cure Snoring

Is the gentle purring of your other half driving you potty?  Do the curtains and bedcovers rise and fall as their snoring becomes louder and louder?

As morning dawns you feel that you’ve had little or no sleep and are in a far from good mood.

Snoring drives everyone mad. It’s caused by the vibration of soft tissue in your head and neck as you breathe in and out during sleep.

As we sleep our airways relax and narrow which affects our air pressure, resulting in the tissue vibrating.

Stress not – the answer to your sleepless nights could be at hand – get him/her to sing!

The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital has carried out a study that proves singing can reduce snoring.

Patients taking part in the clinical trial have been doing singing exercises for the past 3 months to improve the tone of their throat muscles

Choir director Alise Ojay who is the inventor of the Singing for Snorers exercises said that she found patients who sung the sounds “ung” and “gar” found their snoring had decreased or stopped.

Will you give this simple exercise a try? It could be the start of a full nights sleep – bliss.

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