If you know someone who loves to sing along with friends then a Singalongz would make a wonderful gift.

  • Choose your favourite
  • Sing together into the mic
  • Join all 4 to sing in harmony
  • Suitable for girls age 3+
  • Individual voices
  • Available At Amazon UK

Singalongz, from wowstuff, are fun, cute, plush, interactive toys that feature everything that little girls age 3 and over love; singing, talking and playing with friends

How many Singalongz are there?

There are four characters in this range, each with their own unique voice. Check out their  website

  • Cobey – the bear
  • Me-me – the cat
  • Dally – the duck
  • Rufty – the dog

Let’s Introduce you to the Singalongz

Cobey the brown bear was born to sing! He has a BIG deep bear voice for the big occasion and is always happy to sing along with you!

He is so much more than just a singing bear. Ready to go on any adventure and bundles of fun, honey loving Cobey will rock any stage!

Cobey’s hobby is camping, he loves to learn about geography and watch adventure movies and when he settles down on the armchair he listens to his favourite hip-hop and jazz music.

Me-me the pink cat is the original singing diva! As soon as she hears a tune she just has to sing along with it in her unique diva cat voice.

This diva cat favourite subject is Art, she just loves designing and her favourite movies are comedies – she just loves to laugh and have fun.

But Me-me is more than just a copycat! She is a trendy puss with an eye for style, who loves disco music and is guaranteed to glam up for any occasion.

Dally the cute yellow duck loves to sing! She has a unique voice which always makes her stand out from the crowd, Dally will always sing along – even when she’s taking part in her favourite hobby Ice Skating.

When she’s not studying her favourite historical moment she, like her friend Me-me, enjoys watching a good comedy film, but prefers to listen to pop music.

She is much more than just a singing duck. She has a heart of gold, loves to cuddle and chat. She might be a little ditzy but when it comes to the show, she will never let you down!

Rufty the dog is a born entertainer.

When he sings a long in his crazy dog voice to his favourite rock track people tend to turn and look because they just can’t believe what they’re hearing.

This yappy chappy loves to play whether it’s his favourite sport or video game he always brings his boundless energy with him wherever he goes

Sing into the microphone and your Singalongz friend will sing everything they hear in their own fantastic voice.  As you talk into the microphone your Singalongz will repeat everything you say in their own special way or Collect and Connect them all to one mic to create a group and hear them sing together in perfect harmony!

Each character has their own unique voice and when you hold down the sing-a-link stars on the mic, something magical happens;  it will join in with their own cute voice.

Shock your friends when you give them your Singalongz to hold while you disappear into the next room with the mic.  Sing or talk to your friend through the mic and your friend will get such a surprise when your new friend repeats what you said in its own cute voice.

For the ultimate in singing sensations join all four characters together on one mic and they will sing together in perfect harmony.

Which Singalongz character will you choose?

Singalongz Reviews

Do you know someone who would love to get their hands on one of these cute Singalongs friends. Let us know what they think of it, we’d love to hear what they think.

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