Skechers Daddy’s Money Gimme Megabucks Secret Wedge Trainers

The new pair of  Skechers Daddy’s Money Gimme Megabucks trainers with built in secret wedge will have daddy’s hiding their wallets!

When the delivery man arrives at UnderTheChristmasTree Headquarters which is very often (it’s like were Santa Clause) everyone in the office always gets a little excited… OK we can’t lie we get VERY excited, and this time he delivered us what we can only describe as one of the coolest pair of hi-top secret wedge trainers out and yes Dad’s this will cost a pretty penny.

As the brightly coloured box arrived in the office it is emblazoned with a bright pink Daddy’$ Money logo with diamond images on the front which can mean only one thing our sets of Skechers Daddy’s Money Gimme Megabucks  has arrived and we can see how this would appeal to every teenage girl.

However it seems these pair of trainers are not just aimed at teenagers, as the boss asks “Who here is a size four'” and appropriate to part of the name Gimme, Katy (me) shouts “i am Gimme them please” – I am 26!

Opening the box and pulling back the tissue paper and card (which is their to protect the trainers) you are greeted with two coloured laces one being in gold and the other white with gold sparkles, embellished golden triangles and silver balls and of course the big Daddy’$ logo on the tongue of the trainer.

Let’s get onto the secret 2 inch wedge which really is a secret, as unless you feel the side of the trainer you would never even know it was there.  Also you will notice, as i did, there is no difference of the look of the trainer as it all looks flat making it even more hidden.

The trainers feature orange stitching and a red and blue outline to separate the shoe from the sole and on the back of the heel dollar sign’s are also stamped on.

As you slip on the ‘Skechers Daddy’s Money Gimme Megabucks’ trainers you will see the neon orange lining and the phrase’ Got Cash? Daddy’$ Money‘ inside. When putting on the trainer i felt it very comfortable and could instantly tell that there was a hidden wedge.

The trainer felt slightly heavier than a normal flat one and instantly made me aware of my posture, which if you slough a little this will help. As the wedge is a little heavy this could also have a good impact on keeping active and healthy as your foot works just that little harder without even noticing.

Unlike normal wedges, where sometimes they can feel very uncomfortable and awkward to walk in i definitely did not feel this with these trainers – as they are both sturdy and comfortable and with such a good grip on the bottom you are unlikely to slip.  With rubber toe cap and cushioned for comfort you are unlikely to feel if you stub your toe.

Ranging from around £65-£72 these are pretty expensive trainers however these could last long – depending or not if your daughter see’s another pair she wants. You can buy these from Debemhams: Visit Debenhamas

After putting on these trainer’s i really didn’t want to take them off all i wanted to do was to go and hang with the cool kids but at twenty six i think i might not be welcomed even with these cool hi-tops.

Have you bought a pair of these new Megabucks Daddy’s Money Skechers? Do you think i could get away with wearing them?  Let us know what you think by commenting below:

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