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Smarty Kids

Smarty Kids is a fantastic new range of toys for babies and toddlers from Rainbow Designs. We were kindly sent this to review.

Each toy in the Smarty Kids range feature animals, L is for Lion, B is for Bear etc.  Perfect as a cuddly friend to take with them wherever they go, these brightly coloured toys help to develop your child’s attention span, memory and help promote imaginative play.

Smarty Kids Flash Cards

Ideal learning, recognition aid for toddlers who are ready to start to learn the alphabet and recognise images of animals. These 13 animals of the alphabet cards help teach young children from 6 months and over, about both the animals and the alphabet. They are double sided and carry right through the alphabet to Z. Each feature an animal beginning with the relevant letter, Aa is for Alligator card shows an outlined Capital and Lower case Aa with a bright a colourful alligator with a rosy apple on it’s nose – will your child spot the apple?. The word Alligator is clearly written at the bottom of the 5″ card.

As your little one progresses you could play the seek game together as you encourage them to search for another object which begins with the same letter (a is for Alligator and Apple)

Smarty Kids have thought of everything and have cleverly included a green plastic loop clip to hold all the cards together for fun on the go. It’s also ideal for clipping the cards onto your buggy so there always ready for some picture fun and as they will be so well used they can be wiped clean of sticky fingers with a damp cloth.

A is for Animals Soft Book

This 6 inch book will keep inquisitive little ones busy forages. With its crinkly pages, each of which features colourful animals and letter to help develop recognition as well as soft pages which crinkle when they are turned. When they show signs of teething the handy ring and star teether will always be on hand.

Start baby’s library with this multi-tasker of a book. There are soft pages to explore, a ring and star teether to chew, colorful animals and letters of the alphabet to ponder and 6 inches of book to grasp, crinkle and open and close.

The bright colours and contemporary patterns help promote your child’s visual stimulation and the different textures will help promote tactile exploration. Ideal for taking with you when you are out and about.

O is for Owl Comfort Cuddly Blanky

This small, snuggly blanket is the perfect companion for little naps throughout the day. This super soft pink body makes a great blanket while the owl’s head is stuffed with polyester fabric and features big round stitched eyes and a yellow beak. Made from various materials he has tags on his ears that your baby will enjoy playing with and has a big ‘O’ and the word owl stitched motif and his big yellow feet match his beak.

It makes the ideal sleep companion and when they’re awake Owly will be their favourite take along friend.

Don’t worry if he gets a bit grubby just put him in the machine on a gentle wash and dry in the tumble dryer on a low heat so that Owly’s ready for another adventure when they are.

B is for Bear Plush

What child wouldn’t love to own bear plush? With its bright colours and contemporary ABC patterns that will help encourage your little ones visual stimulation.

B is for Bear has a big, blue B sewn onto his green body with the word bear sewn beside it.

His cute ears feature different colour and patterns as well as being backed by the same soft plush material as his cute little face, 1 arm and 1 leg, the other arm and leg feature the letters of the alphabet.

As the eyes,nose and mouth are sewn on and not made from plastic you will feel more confident about leaving your child with this toy.

M is for Monkey Plush

Just like B for Bear Plush this cute little guy has a cute monkey shaped face and features sewn eyes, moth and triangular nose. Made from a range of different soft textured fabric, including red plush, blue stripes, and alphabet letter, Monkey also has a long green curly tail and a large green M and the word monkey stitched onto his tummy..

Monkey would make a perfect bedtime companion, he is soft, cuddly and has floppy legs and arms. Like his friend Bear, Monkey can be washed on a gentle cycle and put into the tumble dryer on a low heat.

Smarty Kids M is for Monkey is fun and cute, and the perfect cuddly for your baby.

Smarty Kids Rattles

With 5 in the range each Smart Kids rattle will make the perfect cuddly friend for any little one, how will you choose which one to buy all will you just have to take them all home?

Choose from:-

E is for Elephant – pretty in soft pink fabric and featuring alphabet ears, pink gingham check tail and sewn in eyes and a large ‘E’ and elephant stitched onto his tummy.

D is for Duck – Cute yellow with a soft orange beak which matches his orange gingham checked feet, his wings feature the alphabet material and he has coloured triangles of material on top of his head. His ‘D’ and duck are safely stitched onto his front.

T is for Turtle – with a bright green plush body and tail, Turtle has an orange checked gingham ‘shell’ with a ‘T’ and turtle sewn on to it. He has alphabet material feet and his eyes and big smile are stitched on.

Z is for Zebra – this little cutey is made from soft, white plush fabric and features a blue striped nose, alphabet material ears, blue satin tail and his mane is blue,red,green and brown pieces of material. On his back his 2 sewn on stripes are orange ginham and red and sewn on black eyes. His Z is green and zebra and are stitched onto his hip.

H is for Hedgehog – made from soft blue plush material he has alphabet feet and an orange gingham face and brown soft nose. His eys, mouth and ‘H’ hedgehog are stitched on and his spines are made from different coloured soft fabric that baby will love to hold.

Ideally sized, 13 cm, for small hands to hold, your baby will love exploring the different materials and the noise of you chosen Smarty Kids rattle as they play and get comforted by their new best friend and when they need a freshen up just pop them into the washing machine on a gentle 30 degree wash and tumble dry on a low setting.

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