Smokey The Fire Truck

You wont need to worry about a fire when Smokey Fire Truck is on the scene, watch as this mean machine shows those flames who is boss! This big red truck with huge wheels and an even bigger personality to match Smokey will strike those flames away and when done he celebrates with a song and dance!

  • Has 90+ phrases, sounds & LED Lights
  • Launcher “water” balls
  • Truck and Character mode
  • He will fall asleep after a days work
  • Requires 4 Nonstandard Battery
  • Suitable for Age 3 years and over
  • Available At Amazon UK

Matchbox Smokey The Fire Truck

Havnt heard of Smokey the Fire Truck? Well you soon will as he is set to take the Christmas market by fire!

Smokey the fire truck is part of Matchbox’s Interactive Big Rig Buddies range who also created Rocky the Robot Truck and Stinky the Garbage truck. Just like previous models of these fun and interactive toy robots you can expect smokey to tell very silly jokes, see him bust a move or two and whats more this big red fire engine can do more than just put out fires!

Smokey is equipped with all the must have equipment any fire truck should have, with a huge cannon and big colossale wheels nothing will stop him from doing his job! Theres no need for parents to worry as Smokey the Fire Truck doesn’t actually squirt out water instead you can load him up with mini balls which he will fire to help save the day these are light and soft, but make sure you keep him stocked up as he will let you know when he is thirsty.

Just like previous models ( Stinky the Garbage Truck and rocky the robot truck) this red fire truck has loads of new phrases, light and action sounds with over 90 to choose from which can become a bit loud and he has fun LED lights on his head and motorized movements. Featuring truck and character mode he can stand upright and be pulled forward or backwards but after a long hard days work smokey will be very tired and will fall asleep and even start snoring!

With a bright red body and six big wheels and a face of determination he can stand the toughest of jobs and most excited children! with out a doubt be one of this Christmas top selling tops.

Created by Mattel this is suitable for children 3 or older and he will be priced around £50 for the UK.

Box Contents

Here is a list of what you will receive in the box when smokey arrives:

  • Smokey the Garbage Truck Toy
  • Three supplied soft balls
  • Batteries
  • Manual

Smokey Fire Truck Reviews

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