Some Veggie-Funny Jokes

Being a veggie doesn’t mean you can’t laugh at some fun jokes based around being vegetarian!

Here UnderTheChristmasTree bring you some of the veggie-funny jokes and one liners around…

1) Q: What did one vegetarian say to the other vegetarian?

A: We have to stop meating like this

2) “Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?”

3) Q: Why did the tofu cross the road?

A: To prove he wasn’t chicken.

4) Q: What does a cow eat for breakfast?

A: Mooooozlee, of course! (muesli)

5) Q: What do vegan zombies eat?

A: Graiinnnzzzz

6) Q:  How many meat eaters does it take to change a light bulb?

A: It doesn’t matter they like to stay in the dark!

7) Q: What do you call it when a vegetarian eats beef?

  A: A mis-steak!

National Vegetarian Week is here and we at UTCT wanted to ensure it wasn’t all about being too serious, yes
it’s good for us, it protects animals and keeps the environment healthy but who doesn’t love a joke or two?

Have you got a Vegetarian/Vegan joke/one liner?  Tell us them below using our comments box.

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