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(Sp)earmark These Colour Changing Lights For Christmas

If you’re searching for something a little different that any child would love to own and every parent would be delighted to receive then why not treat them to a new colour changing light for their bedroom which we were kindly gifted.

We were delighted when Spearmark sent us over three of their slightly unusual lights and we just know that kids will love them.

The Head Light is a 2 in 1 noise activated LED light that is designed to look just like a DJ head, complete with headphones and a cap. Kids will love the fact that at the clap of their hands or a shout this DJ’s mouth bursts into some serious light changing action. Watch his cap glow from purple to pink to red to green, blue and back to purple again

Once the fun is over and it’s time for bed the Headlight can be switched to a calmer white light which makes a great reading light or even a night light.

This cool light can be either mains operated or can be run on batteries.

If you’re used to seeing sneakers sitting around their bedroom then this baseball boot light would make a great accessory for their bedroom. With its colour changing 2 light settings this LED lamp will brighten up the dullest corner and the darker it is the more vibrant the colours appear.

Bring the dark side into their bedroom with this battery operated Star Wars Illumi-mate Stormtrooper colour changing LED Light. Just like the two other lights above this is also a colour changing light and glows from purple to pink, red, green, blue and then back to purple again.

With an easy to use on/off switch which is located on the base the battery operated illumi-mate would make a great gift and a portable child safe light.

Suitable for age 5 and over these LED lights would make a thoughtful and fun Christmas gift.

Do you know someone who’d love to find that Santa had left one of these under their Christmas tree?

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  1. Bobby Williams
    December 6, 2015 / 6:44 pm

    Fantastic novelty lights for any Star Wars fan…..I can feel the Force to buy one myself ! Or maybe two?

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