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Sphero Robotic Ball Gaming System

Geek out with Sphero, the smartest toy on the block, we were kindly sent this to review and which features:

  • robotic ball with glowing colours
  • gaming system for ios and android
  • range of apps
  • RRP £99.99

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In Stock and available with Free Delivery from Amazon

Have a ball with Sphero, the first robotic ball gaming device that you control using your smartphone or tablet. Since this little gadget is so easy to set up, we passed it over to John to put it through it’s paces. This is what he had to say about it.

“The girls in the office passed Sphero over to me and when I slipped the sturdy top off the box I was met by white ball that seemed to smile back at me. On further examination I discovered the charging unit, charger and instructions neatly stored beneath. After taking a few minutes I have to admit (even though it sticks in my throat to say so) the girls were right when they said it was easy to set up and I was soon ready for some game play.

I used my smartphone to control the Sphero, (it works equally well with a tablet) and was amazed at how easy it was to use – tilt it,touch it or swing it, my little white friend is always ready and eager to play, you can even change it’s colour.

Designed to be used almost anywhere, due to the high-impact polycarbonate shell which cleverly protects all of the robotics insides. It has the ability to reach speeds of up to 3ft per second and has a 50ft plus range. Always ready to connect and play when you launch an app, Sphero also glows in thousands of colours, thanks to it’s multi-coloured LED, so you’ll never miss him, even in the dark!

Kids and adults alike will have loads of fun with this robotic gaming system and so will your pets. I have 2 mad cats at home and I tied a long piece of string around the ball before setting it off around my sitting room. In all the time I’ve had these cats I’ve never seen them jump so high. Being nosey, they decided to gang up on it and very quietly started stalking the ball which I’d left dormant in the corner. Waiting until they’d almost reached it, I quickly made it move and the pair of cowards ran for cover. Like all cats, they are fairly intelligent and eventually got to grips with ‘their’ new toy and I had loads of laughs as they chased it around the room – this has to be their favourite toy of all time and if you have cats you’ll know just how fussy they are!

With an RRP of £99.99 you’re bound to be thinking this must be the most expensive cat toy on the market, but the Sphero is so much more than that, it’s also an addictive, clever, on screen gameplay controller that will amaze both kids 8+ and adults.

Featuring loads of free apps which are available from iTunes App Store or Google Play, you can use your Bluetooth controlled 3” robotic friend as a game controller and play single or multi-player games with friends and it’s sturdy enough to withstand a few knocks. Always ready to play Sphero can be connected to more than one phone, you’ll have hours of fun with games such as Pass the Sphero or turn Sphero into Sharky the Beaver, who’s just waiting for you to throw him some virtual cupcakes.

Needing a little ‘me’ time I headed off for a long soak in the bath. No need to leave Sphero behind – his polycarbonate shell makes him perfect for use on both land and water.

Warning! Becoming too addicted to a game will result in a freezingly cold bath, that will result in you standing, shivering beside the bath – take this piece of advice from one who speaks from experience.”

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Have you already put this cute little guy through his paces? Do get in touch below and tell us what you think of it and about your favourite Sphero game.

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