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Spice Up Your Home With Ashleigh And Burwood Reed Diffuser Gift Set Moroccan Spice

When Ashleigh and Burwood sent us their Mosaic Reed Diffuser Gift Set, Moroccan Spice, we were more than happy to give our thoughts on it.

Arriving in a black box with a gold border and the words “Reed Diffuser Gift Set”  in the centre, you (like us) will instantly think elegance, traditional and expensive!.

A red bow and ribbon are printed on the box making you feel as though you’re pulling a real piece of ribbon.  As you pull the lid off there is the stunning glass vase (quite heavy) which is adorned with a beautiful mosaic design and gold cap.

We were instantly hit with the warm, rich and festive smells of the 175ml Moroccan Spice fragrance.  Using the very handy pouring funnel, popping in the reeds (8 in total) the smell of spices filled the entire room, we could really smell the cinnamon.

Tip:  We only added in 4 of the reeds to begin with however we wanted a bit more scent so added in the remaining four which gave a stronger smell of the Moroccan Spice.

Lasting up to 3 months (perfect for the whole of the festive season)  you can keep the vase in the room as an ornament until you are ready to top it up with another Ashleigh and Burwood fragrance.

At Christmas certain smells will remind you of different childhood memories and for us the Moroccan spice did exactly that. It’s the perfect addition to your home decorations this winter and would make a lovely gift for family and friends.

Overall if you want your home to be filled with spicy smells of cinnamon and clove (which are not over-powering) or are searching for a unique present for a loved one then the Ashleigh and Burwood Reed Diffuser Gift Set is a fabulous choice.

Prices for the gift sets start from £24.99. For more information, different sets and fragrances please visit: Ashleigh and Burwood

What smells remind you of Christmas? Comment below and let us know.

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