Spin Mania

Test your speed and agility with the fun and exciting new Spin Mania game which features:

  • Plate Spinning
  • Time Trial
  • Suitable For Age 6+
  • Available At Amazon UK

Every year it gets harder and harder to find a game that once played, won’t get confined to the cupboard never to be seen again.

Spin Mania from Drumond Park could be just the game you’re looking for!  It’s a speeding, spinning, time trial challenge that will put your dexterity to the test. Can you spin 3 plates, one at a time and carry them to three scattered stands on your spin spike? Of course you can – but can you keep them all spinning as you rush back to the spinning machine to stop the clock and mark your time?

Not just as easy as you first thought, especially when it’s your opponent who places the stands – probably in the most awkward spots, when you’re not looking, so you’ll need Mo Farah’s feet, eagle eyes and steady hands to win! This spinning, quick moving game is suitable for ages 6 and over and great fun whether played alone or with friends.

What’s inside the Spin Mania box

  • 1 spin base with timer
  • 3 spinning plates
  • 3 plate bases
  • 1 plate handle
  • 4 scoring pegs
  • Requires 2 x C/LR14 batteries which are not included

Spin mania is a unique exciting fast paced, action packed game that will be used by the whole family time and time again.

Watch our Youtube video for Spin Mania.

Before the game starts a specific area must be chosen, this could be a room in your home or perhaps an area in the garden. Set the Spin Machine on a steady table with the three Spin Plates next to it.

The three plate stands are then secretly placed, in a reasonably easy to see place, within the area agreed  by the player’s challengers.

Spin Mania Specifications

  • The Spinning Plate time trial challenge
  • Can you have all 3 plates spinning at the same time?
  • Can you beat your opponents or your personal best time?
  • For 2 – 4 players aged 6 years plus

Players take turns in order of age, the youngest first, who must set the timer to the start position.

The aim of the game is to transfer your 3 plates, while they are still spinning; one at a time using the ‘spin-spike’ to the three stands. All of your plates must still be spinning as you rush back to the timer and stop the clock. Each player then takes their turn to try and beat the fastest time.

Have you got the speed and concentration to be the winner? Spin Mania also makes a fun party game when played in teams.

Reviews for Spin Mania

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