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Splitster Radio Control Stunt Car

We were delighted when we were sent the new Splitster Radio Control Stunt Car which features:

  • spins and splits in half
  • lights up
  • SUPPLIED with built in rechargeable battery and INCLUDES a dedicated charger
  • Remote Control uses standard batteries – 1x 9v PP3 (INCLUDED)
  • RRP £24.99

This is what members of the UndertheChristmasTree staff thought of it.

We all agreed that we would love one of our own to race against each other and Katy got such a shock when the car split in half and and spun in a circle.

After laughing at Katy’s shocked reaction we took it in turns to try it out and this is what we had to say about it

First up was Elaine who we thought, as the senior member of the team and useless with anything remote controlled, would keep the laughs going – how wrong were we. It took no time at all before she became a tumbling, spinning pro and it was obvious that she was having a smashing time (literally!) as she bashed her way around the skirting boards,  we’re pretty sure everyone had to jump out of her way on a few occasions.

Next in line was Holly, who usually does any high tech demonstrations that need done and knows the inside and outside of almost all computers and mobile phones (she loves techy things and drools over new mobile phones). Holly wanted to put it through it’s paces and guided it around the office like a pro. She loved the flashing lights (she’s that kinda girl) but we drew a line when she started bustin’ a few moves. Blinds had to be drawn so that she could get the full effect as the car flashed and whirled around. She certainly wasn’t disappointed and we had to prise the remote control from her hands (who new this girl was so strong)


Mandy pushed herself forward and took hold of the remote control, as the youngest member of the squad, she drew the short straw and was last to try it out. Mandy is something of a perfectionist and likes things to do what they say on the tin – and after careful consideration she moved us to another area of the office. This time onto a carpeted floor where she placed a ramp she’d put together, onto the floor and raced the car to it – no problem for the Splitster, she then tried a few back flips, 360 degree turns, got it to split down the middle and spin in a circle with the lights ablaze. She was having a ball, but her time wasn’t up yet. She particularly liked the big, soft tyres and transparent wheels that lit up with a low energy light and finally headed outside (fortunately it wasn’t raining) to try it out, again she was really impressed by the easy way it moved around.

We can see that children aged 8 and 68 will love this stunt car, it’s so much fun and the whole family will want to get their hands on it. It’s super easy to use and the tricks just keep on coming. The remote control battery (a 9 volt PP3 – included) lasts for a good while thanks to the energy efficient low energy lightning.

You can get more information about the Splitster at http://www.splitster.co.uk/

Splitster Reviews

Have you already tried out the Splitser Remote Control Stunt Car then tell us what you thought of it, we’d love to know.  You can get in touch below.

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  1. Rod
    November 4, 2013 / 9:43 am


    Just noticed your suppliers list for the splitster and thought I would let you know it can also be purchased on this site

    Regards Rod

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