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Spread the cost of Christmas Shopping

With Christmas looming have thoughts of the cost of the Christmas food shop started to play on your mind?

Spread the cost by adding a few extras to your usual weekly shop.  Make sure that these are not perishable goods and will keep till well beyond the New Year.

Things like

  • nuts
  • coffee
  • tea
  • dried foods
  • tinned foods
  • items for the freezer – if you have space
  • your favourite tipple
  • soft drinks
  • crisps etc.

Stocking up on these basics will certainly reduce the stress put on your purse strings and will also reduce the amount to carry home.

If you’re thinking about having your shopping delivered – not a bad idea if you think about the number of shoppers likely to head to your favourite supermarket – then book your delivery slot early, as these quickly run out.

Shopping online is certainly much easier than visiting the supermarket as you can shop in the comfort of your own armchair.

You’re also not so likely to add things to your basket as you would when pushing your trolley around the supermarket

You can continue to add things you’ve forgotten right up to the day before delivery and it all arrives at your door, at the selected time, bagged and ready to be put in the cupboards.

The only downside is that you normally have to pay delivery costs – but at this time of year it may well be worth it.

Let us know your preference – drop us a line below.

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