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SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad! from Drumond Park

SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad! is a fantastic new electronic board game from Drumond Park and incredible fun for kids young and old. We were kindly sent this to review.

Sshh dont wake dad

As Dad lies in bed snoring his head off (yep! he really does snore!), the kids must try to creep past this sleeping beauty without waking him. Sounds simple but that’s not the case with this Drumond Park game!

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In your quest to reach the chocolate cake that temptingly lies in the fridge you must first avoid the yowling cat, next up is the tinkling bell and just when you thought you were there, along comes the hooting owl! One slip up, and up jumps a wakened Dad who jumps up from his bed and the player has to start over again.Sshh dont wake dad kids

SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad! is suitable for 2 to 4 players aged 5+ and includes everything you’ll need to play the game including Dad, who whistles and snores (2 AA/LR6 batteries are required but are not included) as he sleeps. As you would guess, the rules of the game are really simple and even the youngest player will quickly get to grips with them.

Everyone wants to reach that tempting chocolate cake that’s just waiting for you in the fridge… but can you get past a snoring Dad? To start the game simply spin the arrow and quietly tip-toe past his bed and into the kitchen avoiding the hazards that are around.

Kids will love the constant snoring from dad and the excitement that is created when the sleeping cat is hit and dad’s alarm clock must be tapped a certain number of times. Heart beats quicken and voices drop to a whisper as who knows which tap of the alarm will wake dad from his slumber!

SshhDontWake Dad 3D L LR

Great for anytime of the year, SShh! Don’t Wake Dad would make a fun gift for any child.

Will your child be lucky enough to find SShh! Don’t Wake Dad carefully wrapped under their Christmas tree this year?

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