Star Wars Enters Toy Hall Of Fame

On Thursday, it was decided that Star Wars would enter the toy hall of fame alongside the game of Dominoes at the Strong which is a children’s cultural history museum in New York West.

Entering the Hall of Fame was no easy task,  as Star Wars & Dominoes had to fight off 10 other competitors including Mr Potato Head and Barbie to get to that top spot.

Patricia Hogan, the curator at the museum said “Darth Vader is in the house”.  There’s a phrase we never thought we’d hear! Patricia follows on by saying: “The characters from Star Wars tie into a story that is as ancient as Greek or Roman mythology. They are a force to be reckoned with.” Star Wars definitely are a piece of modern day history and we think they deserve their place in the hall of fame!

The Chief Curator at the museum, Christopher Bensch, goes on to say: “I like to think that what links dominoes and the action figures this year is they’re both small but powerful products that create play opportunities.  We hold those up against our three big criteria: longevity, recognition, and creative learning-engagement play, not just pushing a button and letting something do its trick.”

Do you think Star Wars deserve their place in the Hall of Fame?

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