Star Wars MTT Droid Carrier

Take your Star Wars action to a new level with the Star Wars MTT Droid Carrier Vehicle by Hasbro which features:

  • 20 Droid Figures
  • Obi-Wan Kinobi Figure
  • Sounds
  • Suitable For Age 4+
  • Available At Amazon UK

This huge multi troop transport vehicle is just like the vehicles in Battle Droids in the Battle of Naboo.

The Star Wars MTT Droid Carrier is one of Hasbro’s biggest Star Wars vehicles and has some amazing functions.

This is the most iconic vehicle from Episode I; the Trade Federation Multi Troop Transport Droid Carrier comes to life and opens to reveal 16 battle ready droids, full action sounds and weaponry.

The 16 battle ready droids are not pose able figures but come posed ready for battle, the four pilot droids are fully pose able, and although provided for driving the troop vehicle, they can be utilized around the ship wherever they are required.

Suitable for Star Wars fans age 4 and over this massive vehicle features light and sound action, has firing missile launchers and pivoting cannons.

Lift the forward hatch and release the motorized troop deployment rack which will hold your 16 infantry droid figures and at the touch of a button, automatically moves.

With a whole host of compartments which you can fit your characters into, electronic action and droid sounds this vehicle will make your Star Wars action even more intense. These compartments are ideal for storage when play is over for the day.

Your battle droids will deploy from the Trade Federation MTT vehicle’s fully extendable, motorized deployment rack. This detailed replica also includes an Obi-Wan Kenobi figure ready for action with his lightsaber.

Inside the Multi Troop Transport Vehicle Box

  • 16 battle posed droid figures
  • 4 fully poseable droids to pilot the vehicle
  • 20 blasters Obi-Wan Kenobi figure with lightsaber
  • lights and sounds
  • firing missile launchers
  • pivoting cannons

Star Wars Droid Carrier Specifications

    • Size H25.6, W74.9, D15.2cm
    • Weight 578g.
    • Batteries required: 3 x AA (not included).
    • For ages 4 years and over.

Reviews for Star Wars MTT Droid Carrier

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