Star Wars Pump And Play R2D2

R2-D2, Star Wars favourite droid has arrived as an inflatable, radio controlled toy.

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This inflatable Artoo-Detoo  stands over 65 cm high and features 360 degree movement.

Looking remarkably like the “real thing” this R2-D2 performs stunts and 360º spins.

What movements can R2D2 do?

Easily controlled by the child-friendly handset which allows R2 to:

  • Move forward
  • Move backwards
  • Move left
  • Move right
  • Perform stunts
  • 360º degree spins.

This cool, inflatable toy is easily inflated and deflated by using the foot pump which is included.

It is controlled pretty much in the same way as an ordinary remote controlled car and will have huge appeal for both adults and kids as the fun factor will be massive.

It won’t be long before you start talking in “Droidspeak” – the beeps, bloops, buzzes, chirps, whines, and whistles that Artoo uses to communicate, as you direct your remote controlled droid around.

What’s Inside Artoo-Detoo’s Box?

Inside your package you will find:

  • Remote Control Drive Unit
  • Inflatable R2-D2 shell
  • Pump
  • Handset

Star Wars R2 – D2 Pump and Play is a revolutionary, jumbo sized, radio controlled toy for ages 3 and over and has an inflatable shell, which is interchangeable with the entire ‘Pump and Play’ range.

Star Wars R2 – D2 Pump and Play Features

  • Tri-Band
  • Ultra Stability
  • Moves like R2-D2 in Star Wars film
  • Radio Control transmitter
  • Performs wheelies, flips and spins

Star Wars Pump and Play from BladezToyz has a durable body which once it is inflated, can move in any direction and will right itself if dropped without assistance.

Reviews for Star Wars R2D2 Pump and Play

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Who do you think will play with Artoo most –  You or your child?

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