Stay at Home Mums Penalised

Are you one of the many Mums who gave up their career to look after their children?

Do you feel the pinch and find it hard just to make ends meet?

Yesterday a government briefing which was accidentally published has been described by critics as a ‘slap in the face’ for stay at home mothers.

According to the Treasury, stay at home mums don’t need as much financial help as those who work.

Do these new childcare plans discriminate against single-earner families and attempt to force more mothers back to work?

The Treasury document which was later removed stated: : ‘Working families who are struggling with their childcare costs, or families where parents want to go to work but can’t afford to are in greater need of state support for child care than families where one parent chooses to stay at home and look after their children full-time.

Yesterday Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Nick Clegg confirmed that from 2015, working couples who each earn less than £150,000 will qualify for childcare tax breaks worth up to £1,200 per child a year. Giving them a possible joint income of around £300,000 and still qualify.

Employed single parents earning less than £150,000 will also qualify.

Families where only one parent works will not qualify for these tax breaks.

Speaking at a nursery in Wandsworth, South London, Mr Cameron said: ‘For many families the cost of childcare is not one issue among many, it is the issue – it really matters. We want to help people who work hard and want to get on, and so effectively this is some tax relief on childcare.’

Campaign group Mothers at Home Matter have described the policy as a ‘slap in the face for two million stay at home mothers’

Secretary, Lynne Burnham said many full-time mothers were angry about the suggestion that they not hard-working.

‘It is completely incongruous for the Government to be paying £1,200 per child to families on joint incomes of £300,000 yet taking away child benefit from single-earner couples on £50,000,

‘Mothers who stay at home are hard-working – the difference is that we don’t get paid. The Government doesn’t seem to understand that the Big Society David Cameron wanted is falling by the wayside as mothers are forced back to work.’

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