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Steam, Defrost and Jet Your Way to a Hassel Free Christmas Using Whirlpool Max 35 Microwave

Christmas cooking can be somewhat of a nightmare, no hobs left to boil up mixed vegetables, food all ready at once and keeping it hot can drive us all to a much needed glass of sherry, however with Whirlpool’s new Max 35 microwave with steam function Christmas can be less frantic and more festive! We were kindly sent this to review.

The Max 35 with steam function is a foodies dream especially at Christmas, with so many different feasts to create, from party food to the full Xmas dinner, finding space, time and more to the point a good even cook is key, this is where the Max 35 comes in handy!

First off you can choose from an array of bold colours to suit your kitchen, we went with festive red…obviously! And with it’s curved back design it’s perfect for any shape or sized kitchen, ours fits just nicely into the corner – making use of the space and giving us extra worktop space.


Setting up is extremely easy and quick – no awkward cables or function set ups, simply plug and play and your on your way.  The Whirlpool Max 35 microwave has many different features (we loved the steam option) including Jetstart, Jet defrost, cooking and reheating, steam function and touchscreen buttons.

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Below are some of the key features of the Max 35:

  • Jet Start:  Maximum power level for quick reheating of liquids
  • Jet Defrost:  Unique 3D distribution system for fast even defrosting. This function will quickly and evenly defrost meat, poultry and fish by weight between 100g to 1.5kg.
  • Cooking and reheating with microwaves only:  Four power levels, 160w, 350w, 500w 700w.
  • Steamer:  Steaming by weight from 150g to 500g. There are four steaming levels, 1-4, and a quick reference guide is conveniently placed on the inside of the microwave.
  • Kitchen Timer:  Can be used instead of a separate kitchen timer and doesn’t make you jump at the sound of hearing it!

Forgotten to pull out a pack of pastry to defrost in time for guests and scared it will go greasy when defrosting in the microwave? – Don’t worry, we put the Whirlpool Max 35’s jet defrost to the test:

UnderTheChristmasTree took a frozen pack of standard puff pastry straight from the freezer, (to make veggie style sausage rolls) unwrapped it and put into the microwave.  We  set the weight and then pressed start – as the clever little machine decides on how long this should go – we waited, and then turned the pastry, when the microwave told us too, and left again – after a couple of times of this we expected the pastry to be greasy, unroll-able and probably still hard in the middle.  However the pastry was the complete opposite, evenly cooked, not greasy and was easily rolled out with no hidden hard pieces!

Using the standard jetstart mode we heated up some simple soup, again this cooked through in no time, unlike our last microwave which took ages and always made the cup too hot to hold!

When you press Jetstart the time will go up by 30 seconds at a time however you can go up more using the + and – signs on the front.  The memo button will store three different favourite time/Power levels making this so efficient that even Mrs Claus is thinking about swapping to this!

Very easy to clean – even though we haven’t had to yet, you can lift the glass turntable out and give a wipe-over and as this comes with the steam bowls simply take out and wash through. When closing the door  and trying to open it we noticed that the microwave slid a little on the unit, however putting a little grip underneath soon stopped this.

User friendly, easy to set up, compact and sleek, all make the Max 35 one of the ideal Christmas utensil’s to have in the kitchen. You won’t have to worry about space on the hob or in the oven, as you can do virtually anything and for those who are not blessed with Mary Berry’s cooking skills it is difficult to burn and go wrong with this machine!

Next up – we know just how much you LOVE Brussels sprouts, so we are going to show you how you can make the tastiest steamed sprouts using Whirlpool’s Max 35!

Whirlpool’s Max 35 red microwave is priced at around £110-£150.  You can purchase here at Amazon UK and for more information including recipe’s, different colours and extras please visit http://www.whirlpool.co.uk/

What do you cook in the microwave at Christmas?   Let us and others know below!

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